Know Your Wood

Know Your Wood

Welcome to our world of natural wood!

Our products are made with the finest, sustainably-sourced woods from around the globe. Each type of wood has its own unique colours, grain patterns, and beauty that will bring warmth and style.

We're proud to offer a variety of exotic woods, including some that you may have never heard of before, sourced from responsible and eco-friendly operations.

Come explore the fascinating characteristics and qualities of our wood types, and find the perfect match for your style and taste.

Know your woods! 

Origin: Eastern Asia

Acacia wood is a beautiful type of wood in shades of brown, red, and gold. The wood has a unique pattern that gracefully moves between lighter and darker hues, adding a warm and inviting glow. The straight lines and occasional round shapes give this wood a pleasing contrast.

Origin: Costa Rica

Packed with impressive density, this wood is virtually bulletproof and can stand up to just about anything. But don't let its toughness fool you—it's also got a sense of style. With a beautiful eggplant hue that deepens over time, this wood is sure to turn heads. Plus, the straight grain and natural shine make it a true standout. With every use, you'll fall more in love with this gorgeous and dependable material.

Origin: Eastern Africa

Ebony, the mysterious wood with a mesmerizing dark and almost black tone that exudes deep red hues. Its structure, though not easily visible due to the darkness, is a work of art. The lighter, straight strips scattered throughout the wood like stars in the night sky add a unique touch of uniformity to its already enchanting beauty.

Origin: Hawaii

Koawood, also known as Hawaiian Koa, is a highly prized hardwood found exclusively in Hawaii. It is known for its rich reddish-brown color and intricate grain patterns, which can range from straight to curly or wavy. Koa wood is highly sought after for its beauty. In fact, koa is often referred to as the "Hawaiian mahogany" due to its similar characteristics. Koa wood is also highly valued in Hawaiian culture.

Origin: Africa

Mahogany is a stunning tropical hardwood boasting a sleek and orderly grain pattern, with a range of warm tones spanning from light sandy brown to rich mahogany red. As time passes, this majestic wood will gradually deepen in color, adding to its already impressive visual appeal. Its texture is smooth and even, exuding a natural radiance that is sure to catch the eye.

Origin: Canada

Maple wood is like a world traveler, popping up everywhere from North America to Asia. Our strong and reliable maple wood hails from the picturesque country of Canada. Its unique texture boasts sleek and straight lines with a warm light brown hue, with an occasional wave that adds a touch of charming personality.


Origin: Spain

Our olive wood is a locally sourced wood that comes from the fruit-bearing olive tree. Not only is it strong and durable, but it has a fine, uniform texture and a moderate natural luster.  Olive Wood comes in a range of light to deep brown tints and has a stunning oil-like grain pattern that's easy to spot.


Origin: South East Asia

Padauk wood is a hardwood that is known for its rich, red color which usually deepens over time. The wood has a fine texture and a straight to slightly interlocked grain pattern, making it easy to work with and finish. One of the most impressive characteristics of padauk wood is its high resistance. It can withstand wear and tear.  Padauk wood is grown in several regions of the world. Four our wooden watches we use South East Asian Padauk wood which is harvested responsibly.  

Origin: South America

Rosewood is a popular hardwood that is highly sought after for its unique properties. It is prized for its rich color that can range from dark brown to reddish-brown and its distinctive grain pattern that adds depth and character. While it may be more expensive and difficult to obtain than other wood types, its unique properties make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking timeless and high-quality wood pieces.

Origin: Indonesia

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that is harvested from the Sandalwood tree. Sandalwood has a nice and sweet woody scent. That is why sandalwood oil is often used in perfumes. The wood itself is durable and comes in different hues, varying from a light green to dark red. Sandalwood is a versatile and highly valued wood due to its unique characteristics and properties. 

Origin: Suriname

Snakewood is a rare and highly prized hardwood, known for its distinctive patterns and beautiful coloring. It is found primarily in South America and is in high demand due to its durability and unique appearance. Snakewood gets its name from the snake-like markings that appear on its surface, which range in color from deep red to black. It is used as an accent on watch faces and bands, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to any timepiece. Overall, snakewood is a highly unique and beautiful material that adds a touch of elegance and rarity to any watch.

Origin: Brazil

Tigerwood is a beautiful and exotic hardwood that is distinct for its unique coloration and patterns. It is primarily found in Central and South America. The wood is named for its tiger-like stripes, which range from dark brown to reddish-brown with black streaks. 

Origin: South America

Walnut wood is a hardwood that is prized for its rich color and durability. The wood is harvested from walnut trees. Walnut wood is known for its grain and warm deep brown color.

Origin: Africa

Wengue wood is a rich and exotic hardwood, known for its distinctive dark brown color with black veining. It is found primarily in Africa and is highly prized for its strength and durability. The natural oils in wengue wood also give it a natural sheen that adds to its beauty and elegance. 


Origin: West Africa

Zebrano wood, also known as zebrawood, is a visually striking hardwood that is easily recognizable by its distinct zebra-like stripes. The wood is native to West Africa and is highly valued for its strength, durability, and unique appearance. Its light golden-yellow color is accentuated by the dark brown stripes that run through the grain of the wood, creating a bold and eye-catching pattern. 


Origin: Portugal

Cork is a unique and versatile material that is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, primarily found in Portugal. The harvesting process is sustainable and doesn't harm the tree itself, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Cork is known for its lightweight and resilient nature.