How do I wind my automatic wood watch?

How do I wind my automatic wood watch?

When you are buying a mechanical wood watch you are not buying 'just a watch'. A mechanical watch marks the beginning of a journey. It can even become heirloom, that passes on in your family for years.

But - if it is your first mechanical wood watch, the different way of how this type of watch works, might look a little daunting to you. But we assure you, once you understand the principle, you'll never want anything else.

How to wind your automatic wood watch

Wind the watch manually at least 15-20 times prior to wearing it. You can do so, by twisting the crown of the watch (the little screw on top) upwards. This gives a little rattling sound.

After the initial winding, your daily activity should be sufficient to keep the watch wound, IF the watch is worn every day, for a minimum of 8 hours. Lack of sufficient movement or inconsistent wearing of the watch may require additional manual winding. 

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